Asparagus of the March | "The imperial vegetable welcomes to the table " end of April to 24. June (Johannitag)

Enjoy fresh asparagus at Burg Hotel

A nice serving of asparagus of the March with freshly made sauce hollandaise, melted butter and potatoes from the new crop.
No matter if you eat this delicious vegetable all by itself or order it with different sorts of ham like our homemade boar ham, a classic Schnitzel or pike perch from the Havel river fried on the skin.

roebuck and fresh chanterelles June to October

Enjoy fresh chanterelles at Burg Hotel

Fresh chanterelles in herb cream sauce and fine pasta
with ham and green onion, to that fried potatoes

Ritteressen im Burg Hotel im Oktober

am Samstag, 2. Oktober:

Eilet herbei zum Ritteressen am 2. Tage im Oktober '21, um euch in die Ziet der Ritter, Burgfroleins und legendären Wikinger zurück zu versetzen. Es erwartet euch ein großes Rittermahl, süffiger Met aus dem Ochsenhorn und ein Programm mit dem Gaukler.

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Roast Goose a feast at Christmas time - from 11. November (St. Martin’s Day)

As a culinary highlight before Christmas there is going to be our popular roast goose out of the stone oven in our restaurant.
For the Goose to smell delicious, look appetizing and especially taste delicious we only process geese that have been kept and fed the traditional way. Its stomach is filled with an earthy boskop apple, because it harmonized very well with the meat.

During the approximately 3 hour long roasting process the goose has the be basted with gravy regularly to make the skin nice and crispy and the meat tender and juicy. Then this delicious roast is going to be carved by our cook in front of your eyes. You probably have an appetite by now. Then, you should make a Reservation for our goose feast. We serve it from St. Martin’s Day (Nov. 11th) to December 22nd.  

Our goose fest:

Homemade geese lard with fresh stone oven bread.
Aromatic geese essence
With herb pancake strips and small vegetables
3,80 € p.P.


Whole free-range goose
With its own gravy, red cabbage in an apple and green cabbage
With it homemade potato dumplings and boiled potatoes.

For a whole goose we charge 89,00€, no matter with how many people you want to share this delicious bird – everybody can have breast and wing –
We recommend 6 people


homemade gingerbread-mousse
with spices oranges and sabayon
4,80 € p.P.

On St. Martin’s Day (November 11th) we organize a traditional Martin’s goose meal